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What is Erasmus+?

The EU’s continuing education and exchange program aims to:

  • Help make Europe more tangible
  • Break down prejudices
  • Promote intercultural understanding
  • Advance the quality of education through international cooperation.

We promote “mobility projects” for teachers. These can be trainings in, for instance, language or other specialized topics, such as concerning our AGENDASCHOOL profile on environment, sustainability and democratic values.

We also cooperate with the University of Duisburg/ Essen for a project called “Europa macht Schule”. European students join our lessons to raise awareness about their countries.

Our aims as an accredited Erasmus+ School:

  • As an Erasmus+ school, we contribute to the quality and efficiency of education in Europe.
  • As an Erasmus+ school, we support integrative approaches.
  • Erasmus+ deepens our desire for international exchange as professionals in the field of education.
  • Erasmus+ enriches our schools and other educational institutions through foreign guests and cooperation with partner institutions abroad.

„We are Europeans“ – a course for the 9th and 10th grades

Our school offers an elective course – taught in English – with the following aims:

  • Obtain a functional knowledge of Europe and the EU
  • Develop an understanding of Europe as a whole
  • Sharpen our awareness of what it means to be “European”
  • Expand our horizons through excursions (such as a trip to Brussels to visit the European Parliament)
  • Flesh out concepts such as international understanding, diversity, tolerance and identity
  • Further our knowledge and use of the English language.